About Ward 3
There are currently thirteen communities within Ward 3. Helene works closely with these communities through their representing community associations to voice their interests at city council. Below are a list of the ward 3 communities and links to various organizations that are part of the ward 3 family. We encourage you to visit the websites of your community association and become involved with them.
Northern Hills Community Association Martindale Community Association Saddle Ridge Community Association
Evanston- Creekside Community Association Taradale Community Association
Falconridge Castleridge Community Association


**The communities represented by Crossroads Community Association are still represented by Ward 3 Alderman Helene Larocque until the next municipal election in October of 2007. After the 2007 municipal elections, there will be a ward boundary change and the communities of Crossroads will be represented under new Ward 10 boundaries.**

Rotary Challenger Park


Cerebral Palsy

Property Sports Assoc

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