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Strengthening Calgary's Voice

Calgary is one of the fastest growing cities in Canada and as such, has a higher demand for funding and other resources from both the provincial and federal governments.  Helene believes it is imperative to build a positive relationship between all levels of government so that this can be achieved.

Helene has been a major advocate of this on the intergovernmental affairs committee in which she has vice chaired (2006) and has been a member since 2004. Through this committee Helene assists in the planning of long term growth and development plans between Calgary and other municipalities as well as ensuring that policies

Ensuring that Calgary's interests are voiced nationally, she has attended the Federation of Canadian Municipalities (FCM) conferences for the past three years. Attendance at the FCM allows for her and other municipal elected officials to exchange ideas and set common goals and bring these ideas back to city council and improve our great city.

Supporting local businesses is also extremely important and that is why Helene is proud to attend various functions to support businesses and community. Recently she has attended the ground breaking ceremony for the new WestJet Headquarter as well as two grand openings for TD Canada Trust Branches within the Ward 3 areas.


Helene also hosts many community open houses each year to allow for ward 3 constituents to come out and see what developments are happening within the community. Open houses allow for constituents to exercise their democratic rights to provide the city with their feedback or comment on developments that affect them. Through this process, Helene believe that constituents can gain easier access to essential information.

Good government includes community is exemplified through Helene's Ward Community Open Houses which are hosted at least twice a year for both the communities East and West of Deerfoot. Constituents are encouraged to come out to these open houses to learn more about projects that are happening within the city and get to know the various city services offered (For past and future Open house information, please visit our Public Meetings Page).



 Council Priorities


Building A Great City

Helene is committed to ensuring progressiveness of municipal development.

Improving Mobility

Helene is committed ensuring public transit for Calgarians.

Protecting and Respecting our Environment

Helene is committed to a Green & Sustainable Calgary.

Delivering Accessible
City Services

Helene is committed to bringing down barriers for Calgarian's trying to access city services.

Strengthening Calgary's Voice

Helene is committed to lobbying all levels of government on matters of municipal development.

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