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Current Issues affecting Calgarians.

Delivering Accessible City Services

It is the role of the government to ensure that city services can be accessible by all Calgarians. This can be achieved by bringing down some of the barriers to such services.

Calgary's award winning 3-1-1 service is also a means for Calgarian's to voice their concerns over a wide variety of issues. 3-1-1 operators are trained to have a broad knowledge of almost all city services. Here at the ward 3 office, we too work closely with 3-1-1 in trying to address the concerns of constituents.

Affordable and accessible public transit is also a priority that Helene supports. Helene and city council has approved discounted transit passes for low income individuals and families. To ensure that this initiative can continue on for years to come, a reserve fund has been created in the budget to ensure that this can happen.

Since Ward 3 encompasses many new communities, ensuring essential services are accessible is also extremely important and this is why Helene and city council have approved the land use for a new tri-services station in Saddle Ridge and another planned tri-service station to service the planned new communities of Aberdeen, NorthPointe, Bridgewater and Skyview Ranch.

There is also a planned Fire Headquarters that is to be built in the community of Vista Heights. This facility will house a repair facility and also provide additional fire protection to residents in the neighbouring communities (Read More Here). Another major project to enhance the lives of Ward 3 Residents North of Mcknight is the new Tri-Services facility housing EMS, Police and Fire departments. Helene, realizing the rapid growth within the region has been a long time advocate of ensuring that Calgary communities are safe and has played a significant role in securing the land use for this facility in Saddletown Circle.


 Council Priorities


Building A Great City

Helene is committed to ensuring progressiveness of municipal development.

Improving Mobility

Helene is committed ensuring public transit for Calgarians.

Protecting and Respecting our Environment

Helene is committed to a Green & Sustainable Calgary.

Delivering Accessible
City Services

Helene is committed to bringing down barriers for Calgarian's trying to access city services.

Strengthening Calgary's Voice

Helene is committed to lobbying all levels of government on matters of municipal development.

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