Current Events

Here are some of the current issues that may concern the lives of Ward 3 Residents.

Metis Trail Special Development Agreement
As alderman of Ward 3, Helene has worked diligently with various developers to have $75 million dollars front ended to the City of Calgary for development of the extension of Metis Trail from 80th Ave to Stoney Trail. The media has claimed this project to be a historic moment in the the partnership between both developers and the municipal government to building new communities (Read Press Release).

Metis Trail/ North East LRT Pedestrian Overpass
On July 23, 2007, City Council passed Helene's Notice of Motion to have a pedestrian overpass to be built across Metis Trail. This project will be a cost-sharing project between Remington Development Corporation and The City of Calgary. Remington Development has agreed to pay 2.5 million dollars of the 5.8 million required. This project will link the new Westwinds C-train station with the development adjacent to Metis Trail. Locations such as Bell Canada headquarters, and Rotary Challenger Park will become more accessible upon the completion of this project. This project will begin in early 2009 (Read CTV News Transcript, Read Notice of Motion).

North East Centre of Communities
Before Helene became Alderman for Ward 3, she was already committed to bringing together the communities North of McKnight to share a vision in building a recreation and community centre that would service the communities of Martindale, Taradale, and Saddle Ridge as well as residents from all over the city. As Alderman for Ward 3, Helene has continued her support for this project by voicing the needs of the North East Centre of Communities Society on city council. Helene, with support from city council has approved $2 million dollars to have concept plans created while the city is also considering to provide $37.5 million dollars in total, 7 of which will be allocated for a new library at this facility. Helene has also been in contact with a number of businesses to help the NECCS gather support and funding. Recently Helene was proud to have asked 13 businesses to contribute over $15,000.00 in donations and hundreds of dollars in prizes for the NECCS First Annual Golf Tournament. On top of her efforts to gain support from businesses, she has made available $1,500.00 from her Ward 3 allotment of the Council Strategic Initiatives Fund (CSIF) to platinum sponsor this event. We are confident Ward residents share Helene's excitement and anticipation for this facility to be built.

NEW Vista Heights Fire Department Headquarter- COMING SOON 2009
A new fire headquarters is being planned to be built in the community of Vista Height at 1755-18th Ave N.E. This state of the art facility will be focused in being a vehicle repair shop and will meet the silver level of the LEED environmental design standard as well as utilize other innovative technologies to make this facility "green." Helene was pleased to attend the open house on June 13th to hear constituent concerns on the project (Click the following for the design plans: 1,2,3,4,5,6).






 Council Priorities

Improving Mobility

Helene is committed ensuring public transit for Calgarians.

Building A Great City

Helene is committed to ensuring progressiveness of municipal development.

Protecting and Respecting our Environment

Helene is committed to a Green & Sustainable Calgary.

Delivering Accessible
City Services

Helene is committed to bringing down barriers for Calgarian's trying to access city services.

Strengthening Calgary's Voice

Helene is committed to lobbying all levels of government on matters of municipal development.

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